The Adventures of Jack & Adam

  Two brothers up to no good!

Halloween is approaching and the boys have come to the conclusion of yet another school term. Alot has been learned by Jack and Adam over the past few weeks and they look forward to spending a normal Halloween night in their local neighborhood. However, things take a twist before and during the night that leave the boys in a state of trauma. While they feel happy and secure in their bountiful environment, they unearth a new found respect for someone who has always been central to them.

In this, the third offering from the series, Jack & Adam learn that winning isn't everything, especially when it comes to physical pursuits and gaining the admiration of that someone special. The boys endeavour to enjoy themselves at seemingly wholesome and harmless activities, but soon learn that caution needs to be exercised, especially when it comes to circumstances of heated debate. There are just some arguments you cannot win outright. Along with learning the value of what they already possess, the boys soon find that it's possible for the one they dearly love to be innocently hurt.

Other books coming in the series : 

The Old Town

Jack & Adam go on holiday to a foreign land. The boys get away on holiday to a faraway destination and are given some freedom to explore their surroundings. However, with freedom comes greater responsibility, as they are about to learn. In addition, it seems that some friendly faces that they encounter along the way have a hidden agenda which makes the boys take a turn when considering a course of action, which could forever change their perception of how people can really be.

Drifting Away

The boys explore what goes on in another universe. As many changes begin to occur in Willows Town, Jack & Adam stumble upon something very intriguing. 

They make a new friend while discovering a very powerful technique that is about to transform their lives forever.

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